About Prithvikul


To create a platform to cover all facets of education, we knew we need three important tools. One was to connect everyone with everyone seamlessly, second was to create a customizable tool creator that can create new systems and features faster than traditional programming, and last but not the least it needed to evolve on its own using Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore Planetskool is based on three technology pillars.

1) पृथ्वीयोग – Social Integration Platform

We created a platform for safe and meaningful connect among people depending on their academic and cultural tastes. This is mature, safe and useful in promoting positive connect among people for studying, exploring and celebrating together. This will effectively promote healthy online friendships and safeguard people against the ill effects of current social networking platforms such as bullying and time waste on pointless activities.

This pillar is to ensure that all stakeholders are able to connect and communicate easily, and are provided tools which are useful for easy access to educational resources available on Planetskool. Basic social networking, chatting, messaging, SMS, file storage, emails, video conferencing and other such features are enabled.

  1. Create User and Entities-Each user and Entity will have its own profile with homepage.
  2. Multiple Profiles-A user can be member of multiple entities and can manage those profiles.
  3. Online File Management-Upload videos, pictures, documents etcand save them online.
  4. Followers-You can follow other users and if accepted get their feed in your home page.
  5. Planetfeed-Share status, pictures, achievements etc. Sharable with other users.
  6. React, Root, Respond, Rate-For each element you may give feedback using these four Rs.
  7. Access and Settings-You can decide who can see what on your profile, change password etc.
  8. Instant Messaging-You can do live chat and send messages and files to each other.
  9. Search-You can search using many smart filters for anything and everything on prithvikul.
  10. Entity News-See news and alerts from Entities you follow or are member of.
  11. Notifications-Get all notifications of activities involving you and your activities.
  12. Home Page & Shortcuts-You can customize home page and save shortcuts.
  13. Language Support-You can translate and type in any language using tools available.
  14. Parental Controls & Tracking-Important feature to ensure safe usage and time controls.
2) पृथ्वीकोश – Knowledge Management

It is extremely flexible technology, where new developments can take place without touching the source code. This is brand new technique which allows lightning fast development of MIS and other data management systems.

This pillar is needed to provide a customizable platform which can be used and evolved quickly for implementing different tools for education. Using state of the art tools of automatic intelligent forms, Planetskool is capable of creating complex knowledge management structures without programming, by just using its UI and forms. This makes it easy for non-programmers to eventually create own customized knowledge management frameworks and ERP/MIS modules, using Planetskool.

  1. Core Administration-Entire site administration panel for managing prithvikul.
  2. Entity Creator with Team-An entity profile can be created and users added in its team.
  3. Bulk Uploads-Bulk upload for multiple entities.
  4. Blocks-This is a key feature where a block can contain multiple forms, files and feed posts.
  5. Block Management-Block templates can be created and copied to different entities for use.
  6. Form Creator-Forms are fantastic way of flexible data management, requires no coding.
  7. Form Assignments & Submission-Create & assign forms to users, manage submissions.
  8. Customizable Spreadsheets-You can create smart spreadsheets from form submits.
  9. Calendar-Time management and tracking views for forms with date fields.
  10. Search-Search forms and form submissions with customized filters for each form.
  11. Analytics and Reporting-Analyze and generate reports for every form.
  12. Workflow-create and manage workflow for better use of forms for stepwise activities.
  13. MIS – HR / Project / Event / Website / Wiki / Question Paper / Worksheet etc management.
  14. Form Power-Forms are extremely flexible and powerful.
  15. Planetbook-Most advance form of books which track a reader’s progress and learnings.
  16. Quizzes & Questionpapers-Create quizzes and conduct all kinds of assessments.
  17. Role Management-Create and assign roles to the team members of an entity.
  18. Project Management-Project management and task tracking tools.
  19. Event Management-Event management and task tracking tools.
  20. Personal Notes-User can create and manage personal notes for any item on prithvikul.
  21. Website-Entity can create and mange a website, removing need for external sites.
  22. Notices-Entity can give out notices for its members and general public.
  23. Wiki-Entire wiki is being managed for Planetbrain using forms.
  24. MIS/ERP/CRM-Entire MIS etcsystems are being managed using Planetforms, which are state of the art tools with futuristic design and many patent.
3) पृथ्वीबुद्धि – Artificial Intelligence

This pillar is futuristic artificial intelligence framework which will provide expert systems, educational analytics and a counselling system for all students. This forms the invisible base of all things on Planetskool, and is capable of predicting the entire knowledge base of humanity and individual, nation and sector wise analysis of educational research.

  1. Planetbrain-It the invisible base of everything on Prithvikul. It’s based on a taxonomy for knowledge preservation, consumption and tracking.
  2. Knowledge & Other Trees-These trees are created by experts and private nodes can also be created
  3. PlanetbrainTagging-It uses tree systems to form a taxonomy for managing all items. Each item can have one or multiple tags into these trees.
  4. Personal brain analytics and tracking-All learning and other activities of a user is tagged on planetbrain. This gives complete personal knowledge construction model where all strengths, weak points and even suggestions for better learning and managing are provided.
  5. Planet human Resource reportings, analytics and intelligence-Entire planet’s human resource qualitative and quantitative analysis can be done here. Very useful for finding pain points and plug the mismatch between industry and institutions.
  6. Expert Systems-These expert systems will be based on planetbrain and other analytical tools on Prithvikul. We can create an expert system for anything, including agriculture, health etc.

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