Social Sector


What does it take?

Start with a single child. What does that child need for effective learning? The first requirement is a teacher. The teacher must:

Instructional materials, Building from the primordial interaction of child and teacher in the context of elementary education leads to the classification of the above requirements into seven basic functions that a provider must undertake in order to deliver an educational or instructional service.

One of the things that makes elementary a special case is that there is a broad consensus that Elementary education should be universal, which implies that, in addition to the above seven fundamental elements of effective instruction, public policy has to provide that this is available to all.

Tabular Data of Informal Schools

Sr. Nos. Informal Units Units Students (Males & Females) Teachers
1Sanskar Kendras4173973033884
2Single Teacher Schools78281481007259
 Grand Total 12,0012,45,40311,143