First 'Prantiya Adhiveshan' organised in Meerut

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First 'Prantiya Adhiveshan' organized in Meerut-23rd February 2020, Meerut

Venue: Baleram Brij Bhushan Saraswati Shishu Mandir Inter College
            The first 'Prantiya Adhiveshan' was organized by Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad, Meerut, on 23rd February 2020. Shri J.M. Kashipathi Ji was the Chief Guest of the event.

          During the event, Vidya Bharati related past work was evaluated and future plans were discussed. The attending district heads sat together and formulated action plans, based on the discussed plans as well. Shri Kashipathi Ji provided his valuable guidance during the event.

He said - Alumni became helpful in society and nation-building

Education should not only be a means of livelihood but also helpful for person building.

 The first provincial session of Meerut province in which 16 districts of western Uttar Pradesh fall on Sunday, 23 February 2020, was organized by Vidya Bharati Alumni Council Meerut Province on Baleram Brij Bhushan Saraswati Shishu / Vidya Mandir Shastri Nagar, Meerut. In this session, 199 Responsible workers from  59 units of Alumni Council including District Head, Co-Head and Provincial Executive participated.

The session also released the first provincial magazine of the Alumni Council edited by alumni, "Srjana". The district chiefs told about the service work done by the alumni in their respective districts and planned the work to be done in the future.

 All India Organization Minister of Vidya Bharati, Honorable J.M. While giving guidance to everyone, Kashipati Ji said that the alumni should come forward to serve the society and serve the country. Any work should not remain as a program, but a positive change in the society should come from that work. Vidya Bharati's Regional President B.K. Tyagi Ji, Regional Minister  Jitendra Pal Ji, State President of Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Vinod Agarwal Ji and the inspirational source of this session Vidya Bharati, Provincial Organization Minister of Meerut Province, Respected Tapan Kumar Ji were present.

 The proposal and purpose of the program were elaborated by the Provincial Minister of Alumni Council Mr. Rahul Singhal Ji in detail. The head of the province  Shobhit Maheshwari Ji welcomed and introduced all the visitors. Province Vice President Shri Tarun Batla Ji gave detailed information about Vidya Bharati Alumni Portal. The province-cum-minister, Shri Shivanshu Rastogi, released the magazine "Srjana" from the guests.

The program was conducted by the Provincial Vice President Shri Akshi Agrawal and finally, the Provincial President of the Alumni Council presiding over the session, Dr. Shalini Gupta, thanked everyone for congratulating the successful program.

 In this session,  Dipanshu Pal Ji,  Nitish Sharma,  Pratishtha Pandit, Sumanlata Ji, Dr. Pitambar Singh,  Shalabh Garg,  Vikas Dubey, and the District Convenor Vishal Singh Chauhan were present in this session.

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