Status of Work in Session: 2022-23: At a Glance

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The formal schools are categorized as Primary, Middle, Secondary, and Senior Secondary. Some of the schools have boarding facilities. Besides imparting value-based education, the students are engaged in extra-curricular activities too. Vidya Bharati Science Fairs have become an annual feature, which starting from the school level is organized at the national level at the year-end. Having been granted permanent affiliation with the School Games Federation of India, Vidya Bharati students have shown their mettle at the national and international levels. Some Vidya Bharati schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Others are affiliated with various state boards and NIOS.

Status of Work in Session: 2022-23: At a Glance

Working District                                                        658

Formal Schools                                                          12,065

Single School                                                             3,941

Sanskar Kendra                                                          4,093

Total Learning Centers                                              19,597

Number Of Students in Formal School                     31,58,658

Number Of Students in Informal Schools                 1,88,334

Other Opinionated & Disabled Students’ Number    56,507

No. Of Colleges                                                         53


सत्र : 2022-23 में कार्य की स्थिति : एक दृष्टि में

कार्ययुक्त जिले                                                    658

औपचारिक विद्यालय                                          12,065

एकल विद्यालय                                                   3,941

संस्कार केन्द्र                                                       4,093

कुल शिक्षण केन्द्र                                                 19,597

औपचारिक विद्यालयों में छात्र संख्या                         31,58,658

अनौपचारिक विद्यालयों की छात्र संख्या                     1,88,334

अन्य मतावलम्बी एवं दिव्यांग छात्र संख्या                   56,507

महाविद्यालयों की संख्या                                         53