Cultural Education Center

Cultural Education Center

With the objective to evolve an educational system based on the ideals and values of Indian culture & their integrated development, Vidya Bharati Sanskriti Shiksha Sansthan was established on 30th July 1984 at   Kurukshetra, Haryana

In almost all countries of the world, it is considered necessary and important to transmit the traditions relating to their religion, culture and nationalism in the educational curricula and thereby develop in the younger generation an awareness about these subjects. In order to achieve this objective, Vidya Bharati Sanskriti Shiksha Sansthan is establishing educational institutions at different levels for physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the  child; is  rendering financial help to such institutions as are working for this purpose; undertaking publication of books, magazines, folders and other literature for the augmentation of these ideals; establishing meaningful co-ordination with other organizations as are working for the similar ideals; arranging various programme for keeping our students fully conversant with the latest achievement in the field of science; establishing laboratories and scientific societies with a view; to arouse and foster cultural, literary and artistic interests; organizing functions like cultural awareness examination and quiz competitions etc.

Cultural Awareness Project

Activities and Functions: Sanskriti Bodh Pariyojna

Valuable literature has been prepared in which the knowledge of the facts associated with glorious achievements of Indians in past and present is incorporated. The objective is that through this glorifying knowledge of Indian culture, our children may get these ideals absorbed in their personality and by spreading the message of our lofty heritage, may feel the pride of being called as the true children of Bharat Mata; To realize these dreams, the following programs and projects are conducted, a detailed description of which is given here under:-

Ø Akhil Bharateeya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha. (All India Cultural Awareness Examination)

     Held every year at All-India level in which the students enrolled in Vidya Bharati schools and other schools having similar ideals throughout the country participate. This examination is conducted in Hindi and English as well as 10 other  Indian (regional) languages.

     The successful students are awarded very attractive certificates. Separate books are prescribed for every class from 4th to 12th standard. The question papers are based on these books. This programme was started in 1980 and in its first examination 30,000 students appeared. Thereafter this examination continued to gain popularity gradually among the students and the number of the participating students continued to swell every year. Now more than 20,000,00 students are participating in this exam. The exam fee is Rs.20 per student from class 4th to class 12th.

Ø Acharya Sanskriti Gyan Pareeksha. (Cultural Awareness Examination for Teachers)

     With a view to make the teachers conversant with the various dimensions of the lofty ideals enshrined in ancient culture of this land and then to transmit it to the next generation this examination is being organized every year, on all India level. In this, the parents/guardians of the students also participate along with the teachers. This examination is held at four successive levels viz. Praveshika, Madhyama, Uttama and Prajna .This programme started in 1985. More than 50,000 teachers have taken part in this examination. For Praveshika, Madhyama, Uttama the fees is 30/- for each participant and the fees for Prajna examination is 100/- for the participant, which is only for those who have passed the Praveshika, Madhyama, Uttama exams.

Ø Quiz Competition

     The Institute has resolved to make next generation aware of the Indian spiritual culture, values of life, the lofty ideals of the great luminaries, the glorious traditions of this land and the latest achievements in the field of modern science and technology. For this, quiz competitions are organized throughout the country starting from school level up to all-India level in very effective and impressive manner. These competitions were started in 1988 and are held in four groups i.e. Shishu, Bal, Kishore and Tarun.

Ø All India Essay Competition (For Students)

     In order to strengthen the aims and objectives of this institute more, an essay competition is organized at all India level, based on the themes relating to the religion, spiritual culture, glorious history, the inspiring biographies of the great personalities and lofty national traditions of this land. This competition is organized in three groups viz. Shishu, Bal and Kishore.

Ø All India  Essay Competition (For Teachers)

     The teacher is our torch bearer and the Institute undertakes the programme to generate interest of the teachers in self-study, original thinking and reflection on the social problems as well as to inculcate in them the spirit of creative writing and literary aptitude. To give concrete shape to this,an essay competition is organized in Hindi language but in near future its ambit shall be increased to include other languages in its sphere.

Ø Publication of Pictures-Posters and Books and Selected Literature

     The institute has published so far 11 picture-posters and has published 106 books incorporating the glorious achievement of the scholars in the field of science and mathematics, the biographies of our luminaries, the education system in Ancient India and other related subjects on Indology. Along with this an ‘Archana’ (Prayer) CD has also been prepared with a view to create effective environment in schools.

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