Online Form Training-Sankul Karyashala

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Online Form Training - Muzaffarpur, Vibhag Kshtriye Level-Sankul Karyashala

On May 25, 2020

Muzaffarpur- department-level workshop, online form training was organized under the direction of Muzaffarpur department inspector Lalit Kumar Rai Ji. In which a total of 9 from Bhagwanpur Sankul, 6 from Sadatpur Sankul and 6 from Sahdullapur Sankul, teachers joined. The workshop was jointly presided over by  Akhilesh Kumar Ji, Shiv Shankar Acharya JI, and Praveen Kumar Mishra Ji, Head of the workshop, an online training program was conducted by Acharya Abhijeet Kumar Ji (Sadatpur), and the online forum was created by him. The training program was commendable by all the Acharyas. Finally, the training was concluded with the peace mantra given by Chief Minister Akhilesh Kumar.