Akhil Bharatiya Parishad Bhaithak of Shishu Vatika, Haridwar

Akhil Bharatiya Parishad Bhaithak of Shishu Vatika, Haridwar
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Haridwar | The annual Shishu Vatika Akhil Bharatiya Parishad meeting and training was organized from 17-21 February 2024 at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Ranipur, Haridwar. Akhil Bharatiya Sangathan Mantri Shri Gobind Chandra Mahanta, Convener Asha Dhanki ji and Co-convenors (Shri Hukumchand Muvanta and Smt. Namrata Dutt) and Kshetriya coordinators and Co-convenors were expected in this event. Out of the expected 25 participants, 24 participants were present. Apart from these, 3 out of 4 specially invited members were present. The total number was 27.

The proceedings of the meeting were read by Shri Hukumchand Muvanta. While presenting the introduction of the council meeting and training, Ms. Asha Thanki said that every year this council sits for 5 days. In this journey from 2004-05 to 2024, the generation has changed but the values and traditions remain constant. For this stability, work has been done in the four Kshetriyas of teaching, training, research and publication in Shishu Vatika. Shishu Vatika across the country from Akhil Bharatiya Training Centre, Gandhidham Gujarat That is, an environment of Bharatiya teaching system of child education/informal education is being created. Our ideology in early childhood education has been accepted in the NEP 2020. Therefore, now we are not only teachers/instructors of our school. Rather, we have to emerge as national teachers/trainers.

There was presentation, comparative thinking and discussion of Kshetriya topics from different perspectives. In the training 2 important theoretical topics were highlighted by Shri Divyanyu G Dave, former regulator of Children University Gujarat-1.Bharatiya philosophy of life, and 2. Panchapadi teaching method. Bharat's philosophy of life is spiritual. That is why education in Bharat means liberation. The geographical structure of Bharat itself is a factor of spirituality, That is why it is called Dev Bhoomi. Therefore, to understand the spirituality of Bharatiya life, one has to understand its geographical structure and understand the integrity, continuity and cyclicality of life. Bharat was called Vishwa Guru because of its specialty in the Panchapadi teaching method. Along with westernization, Herbert's teaching method came into practice in teacher training. It focuses on the content of the teaching methodology. Hence it is not so effective. The center point of education is the student.

Therefore, the teaching method should also be student centric (five-worded). The principles of Panchapadi teaching method are student centered which is related to the basic elements of education (pedagogy, psychology and nervous system). Detailed guidance was received on all these subjects in 2 periods respectively.

To listen to this deep topic of Panchapadi, Education Minister of Uttarakhand, Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat and primary/secondary education officers were also present throughout both the periods. Shri Dhan Singh appreciated the cooperation and guidance of Vidya Bharati in the context of NEP 2020 in Uttarakhand Education Department. Information about the status of use of mother tongue in nursery schools in the country was discussed by Shri Gobind Mahanta. To make Bharatiyata the basis, Ms. Asha Didi determined the points on the basis of discussion on the internal and external form of the nursery. Shri Bhuvanta and Smt. Namrata discussed Acharya training and parent training respectively. Direct viewing and review of the activities of the garden, suggestions were taken on Shishu Vatika curriculum and Anand boo Kumar Time sheet and diary preparation (taught by Chalisa Ben, Dakshin Madhya Kshetra). Shri Bharatbhai Dokai (Margdarshak Samarth Bharat Prakalya) gave guidance on the topic of Foundational Stage (5+).

After the guidance of Shri Gobind Mahanta and blessings of respected Vedanand Mrigu Ashram, the meeting ended with the singing of Vande Mataram. The school family as well as Prant Sangathan Mantri Shri Bhuvan Chander, Shri Vijay and Shri Vinod had special contribution in the commendable arrangements of the meeting.