Training to become Army Officers and ​Athletes in Jodhpur, preparation for NDA from 9th Class

Training to become Army Officers and ​Athletes in Jodhpur
Training to become Army Officers and ​Athletes in Jodhpur
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Admission will be done through Examination and Interview, Facilities will be prepared with Rs 101 crore And 4 Blocks of G Plus 3, 1 Block of G Plus 2 and 6 Blocks of G Plus 1 will be made.

Jodhpur | Vidya Sankul is busy in preparing the institute outline for entry into Lal Sagar. Students wishing to take admission here will have to go through examination and interview, etc. Tuition charges will also be kept normal, so that students from across the country can study here. Here four blocks of G Plus 3 (ground floor to three floors), one of G Plus 2 and 6 blocks of G Plus 1 will be developed. Along with this, Bharat Mata temple, pathway and parking, etc. will also be built.

An institute is being created to inspire cultured and patriotic youth to join the country's army. Preparation for competitive exams like NDA will also be done here. Nirmal Gehlot, president of Vidya Sankul Project Lal Sagar, said that children of Paschim Rajasthan are less able to become officers in the army. This project will produce good officers as well as Athletes.

Vidya Sankul Project Lal Sagar Sachiv Shambhu Singh Charan said that additional Classes for talented children will be run in the hostel. Here expert teachers will make children prepare for NDA.

Vidya Sankul Project member Shri Devendra said that the project will be completed in 10 months and construction is being done on more than 10 bighas of land. Retired army officers will be appointed who can prepare for NDA.

Research Centre - A modern center will be built for research work, which will provide research guidance to the youth.

Sports Centre - International level sports grounds will be built in the institute for athletics, wrestling, judo, kabaddi, kho-kho, swimming etc. where international level Athletes will be prepared.

Aradhana Kendra - It will be an art center showcasing Bharat and Bharat's scientific achievements. It will be prepared to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Talent Development Centre - Special talents of administrative, technology and information technology will be prepared. Along with this, an art development center will be built for music, dance, painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Skill Development Centre - Not only bookish knowledge, but manual skills will also be taught here so that the trainees can contribute to economic development in future.

Technical education will be provided to the local youth through Vocational Education Centre- ITI, Polytechnic College.

Acharya Training Centre - A training center will be prepared to train the Acharyas of Vidya Bharati. A hostel equipped with time and facilities will be built for the children studying here.