Excellent Result

Our  mind, wisdom and conscience helps in achieving the goals. The way we think and work accordingly get success. The goal is to increase the welfare and dignity of the country.Vidya Bharati's effective way of mentoring and spiritual environment helps in the progress of students. 

Throughout the country the results of class X of Vidya Bharati students have been excellent with many even in merit list.

And list of such students are as follows:

 Name                 STATE              Percentage 
Megashri Bora                  Assam                      99%
Labajyoti Das                    Assam                      98%
Anibran Dutta                  Assam                       96%
Manisha Makkar             Assam                       97.1%
Gagan Dixit          Madhya Pradesh             99.6%    
Deepender Ahirwar Madhya Pradesh           99.2%
Mahima Namedeo   Madhya Pradesh           99.2%
Harsh Kumar             Madhya Pradesh             99.2%
Paras                           Himachal Pradesh        98%
Dhruv                         Himachal Pradesh         98%
Ruchika                      Himachal Pradesh         97%
Arnika rai                         Munger                     96.2%
Rakhi                              Kurukshetra               98%
Mayank                         Kurukshetra                98%
Ishika Jindal                    Meerut                      98%

Vidya Bharati celebrating for excellent result (2018-19) of Class XII and Class X & congratulates all students, teachers and their parents.