Girl Education

Girl Education

Importance of Girl Education in Vidya Bharati

In the 13,067 formal schools run under the umbrella of Vidya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Siksha Sansthan, there are 34,75,757 students. Out of these, 14,41,601 are girls. Considering the special status of a woman in the family, Vidya Bharati lays special stress on the education of girl students.
While, a complete format has been made for girl education, given below are some of its salient features:


•    Education through the text and activities of the girl's natural specialties. 
•    Guidance/counseling in adolescence change.
•    Developing the ability to cope with the current challenges of life.
•    Develop a sense of family spirit, culture protection, and patriotism.
•    Development of the ability of motherhood, diction, and leadership in the girl child.
•    Family responsibility and job reconciliation.
•    Business education and education of soul protection.
•    Education for being a good mother, learning of Home management, Food & Cooking, Health, Scripture, Child Welfare, Fine Arts, Religion and Culture and Actionable patriotism like subjects.Girl Education

Format of Girl Education

•    Indian life philosophy and culture-based thinking.
•    Indian psychology implementation in the context of the girl child.
•    Consistent with the girl's natural characteristics. 
•    Consultation in the changes in adolescence.
•    In the scenario of concept and importance of the Indian family.
•    Counseling, training in present crises and challenges.
•    Girls' education programs, plans, and training through questionnaires, surveys, compilation, etc.

Special Features Of A Girl : 

     Natural Qualities
•    Motherhood
•    Implicit power
•    Excessive power of life

Virtues created by ‘sanskaras’

•    Home management
•    Avoiding unnecessary spending
•    Skills in domestic work

Emotional qualities​​​​Girls Education

•    Shame
•    Spirituality
•    Devotion to traditions

Psychological qualities

•    Vatsalya
•    Emotionalism
•    Care

Program for girl development

•    Mother-daughter discussion forums
•    Teenager Development Camp
•    Teenager Counseling Center
•    Cultural Festival
•    Training for self-defense

How to implement Girl Education

•    Self-education on teachers direction
•    Under the direction of the mother
•    Following at home what has been directed in the school
•    Through programs and projects.

Activities for Girl Education

​​​​​​Girls Education

•    Games, stories, songs, skits, discussions.
•    Motivational narrative, talk, live examples.
•    Interaction, interview with important persons, question/answer session.
•    Household work, kitchen, cooking, home decoration, beautification, rangoli
•    Horticulture, environmental protection, culture protection, art, industry 
•    Tours, tourism, excursion, nature inspection, camping
•    Study, survey, observation, inspection, and experimentation
•    A short film, serial
•    Celebrating festivals
•    Project work

The topics of family awakening/concern(In the family….. )

•    Center of Informal Education: Family
•    Girl's health and dieting
•    Role of family members in the holistic development
•    Role of parents in adolescence changes
•    Conservation and promotion of natural features
•    Sense of discretion related to social and family challenges
•    Scientific and practical approach towards re-establishment of cultural traditions
•    The misconception in girl development and its resolution
•    Indian vision of the family and our role
•    Pre-marriage consultation and values.