Sanskriti Bodh Pariyojana

Sanskriti Bodh Pariyojana

Activities Of Vidya Bharati Sanskriti Shiksha Sansthan In 2018-19 - Kurushetra

The main objective of the activities is to evolve an education system based on the ideals of Indian Culture and for that purpose it has undertaken the program to establish and manage educational institutions at different levels for the physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of the child to render help in different fields and publication of books, magazines, folders, etc. and activities are being conducted according to these objectives. A brief description of these activities are:-

Publication of Literature:-

For the extensive propagation of our culture, the publication of the books has been undertaken, wherein the various subjects like an eminent scientist of ancient India, mathematicians, the stories of great luminaries, Indian education, etc. have been compiled. With a view to providing good literature to the society our Institution is seeking collaboration with other publishers, and making available to the readers the worth-reading material, acquiring from these publishers and displaying in various book fairs organized it different places in the country. Along with this, a C. D. titled ‘Archna’ has been prepared to create a value-based atmosphere in the schools. The number of the publications of Vidya Bharati and also of others publication is given below:-

  • Vidya Bharati Publications 114
  • Other Publications 148

Books published by our Institution during this session:-

  1. Mata Jivan  Nirmata
  2. Gita   Anuchintan
  3. Mana Sab  Shaktiyon  ka  agar
  4. Vishva Chaitanya ki Anubhutiyan
  5. Pariyavaran aur Ham
  6. Ese the apne Bhau Rao Devras
  7. Balika Shiksha, Pathya Karam aur Marga Darshika
  8. Chanda Suney Kahani (multicolored)
  9. Smaranajali - Sv. Shende ji
  10. Bapu se sikhein

Newly Published:-

  1. Ham nirmana karta hein ya srijan karta,
  2. Lok ki kathayein
  3. Panchkoshatmaka Vikas ke path par
  4. Prakriti Ma
  5. Sarvangeen Vikas
  6. Janma din ka uphar
  7. Vigyana ka Abhyas, apne aas pass
  8. Vishwas ki Vijay

1. More than 22 Lakh students take the cultural Awareness Examination:

With a view to transmitting the glorious culture to the new generation, the scheme of conducting cultural awareness examination was started in 1980, for fourth to twelfth Classes. The constant increase in the number of examinees is clear proof of its popularity. This examination is being organized not only in Hindi but also being conducted in 12 Indian Languages including English, Punjabi, Assamese, and Telugu, etc. The detailed description of the total number of the students who participated in the examination in like this:-

Session Number of Hindi and Language Number of English other Languages Total Number of teachers/ parent
2016-2017 37,933 9,295 47,228
2017-2018 42,681 9,405 52,086
2018-2019 47,728 8,645 56,373


2. Cultural Awareness Examination (For Teachers):

With a view to making the teachers conversant with the various dimensions of the lofty ideals enshrined in ancient culture, this examination is conducted every year on all india level. In this the parents/guardians of the students also participate along with the teachers. In the year 1985, 3000 teachers took part in this examination conducted at three levels i. e. Praveshika, Madhyama, Uttama. Later on, a higher level of Prajna was also added. The detailed description of the teachers and the parents who participated in these examinations is like this:-

Session Number of Hindi and Language Number of English other Languages Total Number of students
2016-2017 13,03,462 5,21,280 19,14,742
2017-2018 14,56,326 5,59,031 20,15,357
2018-2019 16,15,952 6,16,182 22,32,134


3. Sanskriti Pravah Examination:

The booklet ‘Sanskriti Pravah’ is establishing lofty ideals in the students, with the purpose of establishing the moral values through the inspiring episodes of ancient saints and sages. This book is being recited in about 6000 schools location in slum areas (Sanskar Kendras) being run all over the country. In this session, the total number of 23,989 participants took part in this examination.

4. All India Quiz and Paper Reading Competition:

During the current session this All India Cultural Festival was organized at Kurukshetra from 23 to 25th November 2018. An All India Quiz Competition was organized in

  1. Sishu Varg
  2. Bal Varg
  3. Kishore Varg
  4. Tarun Varg

A student Paper Reading Competition was organized for different age groups and this Competition was also organized separately for teachers.

On this occasion, a glamorous exhibition titled ‘ Bharat Darshan Sanskriti Dirgha’ was also organized.

5. All India Essay Competition (For Students):

An essay competition is organized at all India level based on the important themes pertaining to sublime Indian spiritual culture, glorious history, the inspiring biographies of the luminous personalities and lofty traditions of his land, At school level this competition is organized in four categories viz. Shishu, Bal, Kishore and Tarun The topics of essays for the session 2018-2019 were prescribed as under: -

  • Shishu Varg - मेरी मातृभूमि मंदिर है (My motherland is a temple)
  • Bal Varg - भगिनी निवेदिता की भारत भक्ति (The dedication of sister Nivedita to Bharat)
  • Kishore Varg - योग: एक जीवन पद्धति (Yoga an orderly system for life)
  • Tarun Varg  - वर्तमान शताब्दी में भारत की प्रमुख वैज्ञानिक उपलब्धियां (Important achievements of India In the field of Science during the present century)

121 essays were selected from the essays received from 34 state Samities from all over India.

All India Essay Competition (For Teachers):

The essay writing competition for teachers is organized to generate interest of the teachers in self-study, original thinking. and reflection and creativity. During the session 2018-2019, 16+ essays were received from 35 state committees on the topic योगः कर्मसु कौशलमय् (The cessation of the modifications of Chitta is yoga.) After their evaluation 11 best essays were selected for the award, the prize money of which is like this:-

  • First prize - 5100/-
  • Second prize - 3100/-
  • Third prize - 2500/-
  • Fourth prize - 2100/-
  • Fifth prize - 1500/-
  • and the rest six consolation prizes of 1100/- each

6. Music Department:

In order to make our students rich in multi-cultural talent, the Sansthan has established a Music Department in which regular classes of music are held for two hours daily. In this department, there is an arrangement for teaching classical Music, light vocal music, and instrumental music. The arrangement exists for imparting training in Harmonium, Casio, Guitar, Sitar, Table, Dholak, etc. This center is recognized by Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad. During the session 2018-19, 45 students have taken the examination. A need is being felt for its further expansion.

7. Participation in Book Fairs:

With its objective that good literature of Vidya Bharati imbued with Bharatiya culture reaches the general population, the Sansthan is participating in all the book fairs organized all over the country, and make available its own literature as well as the literature acquired from the other co-operating institutions.

8. Various Educational Functions and seminars held in the Institution:

With the collaborating Institutions, Sansthan holds various cultural programs and seminars from time to time. During the session, 2018-2019 12 seminars/functions were organized by our Institution. Along with this, 23 functions were organized by various organizations of the town on the campus of Sanskriti Bhawan.