Educational Experiment-Personality Development through Science

Personality Development through Science

Educational Experiment- Personality Development through Science

Narayangarh | Shrimadbhagvadgeeta Senior Secondary School, Narayangarh (Ambala) Haryana 

Vidya Bharati keeps organizing many such competitions and activities in its schools so that students' interest in difficult subjects like science and mathematics increases. Therefore, the Science Fair and Mathematics Fair are organized from the school level to the Akhil Bharatiya level.

Science fair has been organized continuously in the school since the year 2012-13. Every year, more interest in science has been seen among the students through the science fair. Children are regularly given activity-based education and science experiments in the Chemistry, Physics, and Biology laboratories. The credit for this goes to our former Sangathan Mantri Shri Ravi Kumar, who used to strongly encourage the Acharyas for this during his visit. Experiments in the laboratory have yielded pleasant results. Three children of the school, Prachi, Aman, and Harsh participated in the Science Quiz at the Akhil Bharatiya level in the year 2019. Many children have been achieving the best positions in state competitions. In the session 2021-22, a team of 3 children from the Sr Sec class stood first in the Science Quiz at the district level organized by the government system. In this, 10 questions in one round were based on the identification of laboratory equipment. The students of the school gave correct answers to all these questions. Children are taken on a field trip to Kapurthala Science Center to make science easier to understand. From 2012-13 till now, 60 percent of students participated in the science fair every year.

Science Laboratory Establishment Year

  • Chemistry:- 2014
  • Physics:- 2014
  • Biology:- 2018

Achievements in Science

  • Session 2016-17 Bal Varg, Science Quiz, third position at a regional level.
  • Session 2017-18 – Fourth position in Science Quiz National, Kishore Varg.
  • The school team stood first in the district-level science Quiz competition for the session 2021-22.
  • Session 2022-23 The Youth section stood fourth in the Science Quiz at the regional level and second position at the state level in Science Experiments and the Kishore varg stood first in the science exhibition at the state level.
  • Vaishnavi Kalra, a student of the Faculty of Science for the session 2022-23, secured first position in the district in the Sr Sec Board Examination. Scored 99 marks in Chemistry, and 97 marks in Physics and Biology. Vaishnavi was honored by the Chief Minister on 15 August.

Other Achievements

  • Session 2017-18 Riya Dhiman stood third in the class 10th board examination at the state level.
  • The girl students of the school secured fifth and sixth positions in the 10th board examination at the district level in the session 2018-19.
  • In the session 2022-23, Vaishnavi Kalra, a student of class XII, stood first in the district by scoring 486 marks.

Experiments conducted on science subjects other than laboratory-

  • In the efficiency class, the teachers of science subjects explained the basic concepts of science subjects to other teachers through experimental methods.
  • In the session 2022-23, a seminar on Robotic Lab was organized, in which children themselves made a robotic car.
  • Wall painting based on a science theme has been done on the corridor of the science laboratory. Students took a keen interest in it.

Students from classes 6 to 12 visit these laboratories regularly. School principal showed their zeal and enthusiasm in it, they appreciated Science teachers and students for this commendable work.